Focus: HOPE graduates have it all: Skills and good work habits!

Engineering students Frederick Dunbar, Stephen White and Marcus Landrum work on an innovative research project under the direction of Guru Dinda, Ph.D.(left) and Ashish Dasgupta, Ph.D.

Focus: HOPE graduates have the full package:  superior work knowledge and skills as well as excellent work habits. Our career training programs emphasize both. We stress academic preparation as well as hands-on learning. Concepts taught in the classroom are reinforced by actual work experience.

All Focus: HOPE programs stress communication skills and computer literacy, as well as the importance of good attendance, getting to work on time, and maintaining a positive attitude.

All our students must have a high school diploma or GED, pass a reading and math examination, and pass a drug screening test.

Internship Candidates
Students in our information technologies certification and college degree programs are available for internships, as are students in the engineering college degree program.

Focus: HOPE Graduates
Our Job Placement office can help you find qualified employees in the areas of engineering, information technology, manufacturing, weatherization and health care.

We can help you meet your employment needs by:
Posting job openings
Referring graduates whose credentials meet specific job requirements.

Contact the office to learn more about our programs and to tour our facilities.

313.494.4422 or 313.494.4435 or

Why hire a Focus: HOPE graduate?

Because Focus: HOPE graduates are motivated, have excellent work skills, and good work habits.