Computer donations needed

Focus: HOPE is seeking large scale donations of computers to continue a highly successful computer training program.

The Connect Your Community (CYC) program has provided basic computer training and access to the internet to nearly 2,500 low-income Detroit residents in less than two years. To keep the program going Focus: HOPE is seeking donations of gently-used computers that can be refurbished and sold. It is seeking donations from large companies or organizations, as opposed to donations from individuals.

The CYC program initially was funded by a two-year Federal broadband stimulus grant. It expired in 2012 after Focus: HOPE and two partner organizations had exceeded their goal and trained 5,900 sustainable broadband adopters (SBAs) – individuals who had not previously learned about computers or connected to the internet.

The strong demand for classes has continued even after the funding ceased. Consequently, Focus: HOPE launched an in-house operation to refurbish computers and sell them at a low cost to program graduates. It has attained Microsoft Refurbisher status for Windows 7 and Office 2010.

“We would appreciate donations from businesses that are rotating out computers that are in good working order,” said William Motts, CYC program manager. “We need about 250 computers a month to keep our program going. We could take several thousand computers at a time.”


All hardware must be in good working order and without physical damage. The minimum requirements are:

Laptop Computers

• Pentium 4 Computer Processor
• 1 GB random access memory (RAM)
• 40GB storage hard drive
• 802.11g wireless
• Combination DVD player/CD player-recorder (DVD/CDRW)
• AC power cord
• Hardware in good working order and without physical damage

Desktop Computer Systems

• 2.0 GHz Pentium processor
• 1 GB random access memory (RAM)
• 80 GB storage hard drive
• CD player-recorder (CDRW)
• 15" flat panel LCD desktop monitor
• Full-sized keyboard and mouse
• All interconnection and power cables
• Hardware in good working order and without physical damage

“With a steady stream of donated equipment, we can help connect thousands of low-income individuals and families in Detroit to the internet, allowing them unparalleled opportunities and access to information,” said Motts.

For more information or to make a donation, contact Motts at 313.494.4921 or