Plastic Omnium partnership expands

After a tour of Focus: HOPE’s education and training programs, Laurent Burrelle, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Plastic Omnium, made a $100,000 contribution to Focus: HOPE, bringing the company’s support of Focus: HOPE to $400,000 in the last year.

Burrelle toured Focus: HOPE’s campus while in town for the North American Auto Show. The company launched its partnership with Focus: HOPE in October 2012 with a gift of $300,000 during the organization’s annual WALK. It announced plans at that time to identify opportunities for hiring employees and recruiting interns from Focus: HOPE’s machining, information technology and engineering programs. It also committed to continuing support for students in Focus: HOPE’s job training programs.

In addition, Plastic Omnium will encourage its employees to seek out volunteer opportunities at Focus: HOPE.

“We were excited that Mr. Burrelle took the time to visit our campus while he was in town,” said William F. Jones, Jr., CEO of Focus: HOPE. “His donation was a pleasant surprise, and I believe it reflects his enthusiasm for our job training programs and our efforts to transform our community. This partnership will help us expand opportunities for our students, graduates and the community we serve.”

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