Machinist Training

MTI curriculum provides comprehensive hands-on training!  

Integrated Advanced Manufacturing (IAM)

Integrated Advanced Manufacturing offers a 20-week training program consisting of manufacturing concepts needed for mid-level positions in advanced manufacturing. This training program is designed for entry-level students, as well the experienced machinist.  The training starts by preparing candidates with 2 weeks of pre-training, which is focused on student success skills, manufacturing culture and OSHA training. Upon completion of the pre-training course, qualified students will advance to 3 certification earning modules that provide learners with the skills and knowledge needed to advance in their careers.





Module 1 Basic

Module 1 basic training comprises fundamental manufacturing skills in blue print reading, shop math, communications and other related disciplines. Students may earn level 1 Material Measurement & Safety NIMS credentials. 

Module 2 Advanced

Students apply practical and real world applications in manufacturing principles and processes.  This course focuses on CNC machining, CNC set-up, CNC operations and part inspection. Also, higher levels of math will be studied and implemented. Students will gain a broad appreciation of manufacturing principles and processes. Students may earn NIMS level 1 CNC operations lathe and NIMS level 1 CNC operations mill credentials.

Module 3 Applied

Module 3 Applied consists of CMM training, quality control planning implementation and quality assurance methods. Also, additional training in advanced CNC programming and CAD applications is covered. Competency based credentials CNC programming lathe may be earned in this module.

Learning methods include hands-on training, demonstrations, group learning, lectures and lab.  Competency-based assessments along with classroom performance evaluations, written examinations and part creation are used to measure student progress.

You can earn: a Focus: HOPE Certificate of Technical Training