Generation of Promise

Generation of Promise (GoP) is a social justice and youth leadership program that supports a
new generation of leaders who advance racial equity in Metro Detroit by developing expertise
in key social issues, forging friendships across race and culture and leading organizing and advocacy efforts.

Every year Generation of Promise brings together a cohort of about 60 high school juniors
coming from participating Metro Detroit high schools. Would you like to learn more about
GoP? Click here to learn more about the program and application process.

Applications for the 2022-2023 school year are now OPEN!

To learn more about the program and the application process register for one of our virtual information sessions here.

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Meet Generation of Promise, Class 31!

Our Work

HOPE Speaks – A Generation of Promise Conversation on Policing and Racism in the U.S.

Check out our food justice group’s videos created to help guide Metro-Detroiters in starting their own garden projects. This group was inspired to create these videos as a way to help combat food insecurity.

Check out this education justice group’s website created by teens for teens. This group curated content that was requested by teens in Metro-Detroit schools including: mental health information, resources, and hotlines! Visit the website here.

Follow this student led Instagram account seeking to inform and advocate for criminal justice reform. The page shares infographics, petitions, and discusses police brutality @genzredefiningreform 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

Applications for 2022-2023 are now OPEN. Application deadline is Tuesday, May 31. One letter of recommendation is required. Apply here.

You must be in the 10th grade attending one of our participating schools to apply to be
in the program during your 11th grade year (see list of participating schools below).

Participating Schools:

*Note: You must be a current 10th grade student attending one of our participating schools to be eligible to apply.

Participating Schools: Berkley High School, Cass Technical High School, Central High School, Cesar Chavez Academy, Cranbrook Kingswood, Fitzgerald High School, Fordson High School, Grosse Pointe South High School, Groves High School, Lake Orion High School, Loyola High School, Renaissance High School, South Lake High School, University Liggett, U of D Jesuit High School

What topics are covered in Generation of Promise?

In the first half of the year we focus on social and personal identity, systemic racism, the
history of Detroit and Metro Detroit communities, and learning about different cultures
and religions. In the second semester, we focus more deeply on social justice issues
affecting the Metro Detroit region, community organizing strategies, and putting the
skills and knowledge you have gained into practice through group Capstone Projects.

Capstone Projects are semester-long projects that you create with fellow GoP students
to address an issue or need in the community. Each year’s Capstone Projects have a
unique focus.

When does the program take place?

Generation of Promise begins with a 2-day retreat in August and then meets once a
month through May. Program days are on the 1st Thursday of each month from 8:30am
-3:00pm, with the exception of major religious or cultural holidays.

If the program days are during schooldays, will I be excused from classes?

Our program has an agreement with participating schools enabling students to be
excused from all their classes on program days. It is your individual responsibility to
make sure that you communicate with your teachers and make arrangements to catch
up on missed classwork.

If I am in extracurriculars, will I still be able to participate?

Yes! Our program days go from 8:30 am – 3:00 pm, meaning you are free at around the
same time as a normal school day.

Are there any assignments that will need to be done in between program days?

Yes, there will be short homework assignments in between monthly meetings. Also,
during the second semester, students will work on community-based Capstone Projects
that will require working in groups and organizing meetings outside of program days.

Will program days be in-person or virtual?

In order to keep Generation of Promise students, families, and communities safe during
COVID-19, our program is entirely virtual until further notice.

What are the benefits of being in this program?

Being in the Generation of Promise program means a lot of things. You will gain
valuable understanding about anti-racism and anti-discrimination, skills in inclusive
leadership, and practice in community organizing and advocacy for social justice. You
will learn a lot about yourself and your capabilities. You will learn all about Detroit and
the surround Metropolitan area, from the vast amount of diversity present, to meeting
community partners that have dedicated their lives to their communities. Lastly, you will
gain access to an extensive network of over 1,500 Generation of Promise alumni who are
willing and ready to mentor you. Generation of Promise is a community of like-minded
individuals, trying to change the world for the better.

Additional Questions?

For any other questions please e-mail Generation of Promise Program Manager, Alexa Borromeo, at

Thank you to Generation of Promise Partners and Supporters!

Listed organizations supported Focus: HOPE during fiscal years 2019-2020 (10/1/2018-9/30/2020).

This information was updated as of February 14, 2020.