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Free and Simple COVID-19 Test Now Available

No blood or nose swab needed! 

COVID-19 first attacks the inside of your nose and mouth. From there, it moves quickly to your lungs and causes problems breathing. COVID-19 can also cause infection with NO illness at all.

We now have a VERY simple COVID-19 test available to everyone.

All you do is spit into a small plastic tube. 

We do the rest and get the results back to you as quickly as possible.

For more information or get tested, email the COVID Saliva Test at

SAFE: Successful Aging thru Financial Empowerment

The SAFE program offers free help to older adult victims of scams or identity theft and the people who care for them. SAFE counselors can help you restore your identity, report scams and fraud to the police and even recover funds. SAFE also offers trainings in money management and protection. Services are available to adults 60 years or older and the family or friends who care for them. SAFE’s counselors and coaches:

  • Help older adults recover financially and emotionally after being victimized by financial scams or identity theft.

  • Educate older adults, and the people who care for them, about scamming and identity theft techniques, identification, protection and reporting.

  • Offer one-on-one support and education to caregivers and older adults on financial management and safeguards.

Assessments, training and one-on-one coaching are available online, on Zoom, or by phone Click here for details or call LaToya Hall at 313-664-2608. Information especially for caregivers at Older Adult Nest Egg Family & Friends.

All SAFE services available free of charge through December 2023.

Care Services in Detroit

College of Nursing

Care Management Services in Detroit

Health professionals from the Taylor Street Primary Care Center in Virginia Park offer free telehealth mental health and chronic care management services to all older adults and their caregivers, including family members, in the Detroit area. Telehealth visits may take place in the home, or using the telehealth technology available onsite at the Taylor Street Center.

Using Zoom, other video connections, or a phone call, the first visit begins with a team of health providers, including a nurse, physician, social worker, and community health worker. Using a team approach helps make sure the needs of both older adults and caregivers are addressed.

The health team asks older adults and caregivers how they are feeling, both mentally and physically, to learn which primary care services are needed to improve their mental and physical health and well-being. Older adults and caregivers receive a free team-based care plan to help them manage their unique health needs.

Free services are available through December 30, 2020.

Call 313-486-5501 to make an appointment.

Taylor Street Clinic located in the Central Detroit Christian Community Development Building

Free Medication Reviews

Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Free Medication Reviews

Are you an older adult who uses multiple prescription and over-the-counter medicines and remedies to support your health? This program offers a free Medication Review and a Personalized Medicine Calendar to help reduce the risk of side effects and even help reduce costs. Your calendar can help you track your medicines and dosages, and can be shared with your health providers.

Using your tablet, a student pharmacist works with you online to do your Medication Review. Afterwards, the student identifies any medication problems and creates potential solutions to resolve them, which a professional pharmacist reviews and approves. During a second online visit, you’ll learn about potential solutions for any medication problems discovered in your review, and how to keep your medication calendar up to date.

Older adults on five or more chronic medications who are not receiving chemotherapy and are not on dialysis may sign-up. Medication reviews are offered during the day, night and on weekends through December 30.

Please call Dr. O’Connell at 313-993-7620 or email 

Someone will contact you to set up your appointment.

Senior Financial Help

How we make financial decisions can change as we get older. Our Risk Survey and financial coaching can inform and protect you. If you’re worried about finances, you are not alone. Years of research have helped us understand the critical factors that affect financial decision-making in older adults.

Our 2020 survey of 1,314 participants, age 50 to 101, showed:

  • Nearly 65% of people surveyed reported anxiety about a financial decision.

  • More than 50% wished they had someone to talk to about finances.

  • Nearly 30% worried that someone would take away their financial freedom.

These factors can make you more vulnerable to financial exploitation like fraud and identity theft. Our resources can help you identify if you are at risk and empower you to reduce that risk. They are simple, straightforward and easy to use.

Check Out Older Nest Egg Financial Help Here

Free Online Learning

Each of us is at some risk of exploitation by financial predators, but some are more vulnerable than others. Our new Older Adult Risk Survey can help identify the thoughts and behaviors that can make a person more vulnerable, while providing next steps to navigate identified risks.

Look for this coming online soon. Until then, visit our online resources for information and support.

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Get the latest on finances, fraud alerts and helpful websites for you and your family and friends. Free downloads on “Household Finances,” “Power of Attorney,” and more.

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