Need Ideas for How to Share?

Sample Email

SUBJECT LINE: Please support my fundraiser for Focus: HOPE’s Crisis Response Efforts


Hi there Family and Friends,

I’m raising money for Focus: HOPE, a nonprofit organization dedicated to overcoming racism, poverty, and injustice through intelligent and practical action.

I’m supporting Focus: HOPE’s crisis response efforts because their mission is important to me and I want to do something to give back during this time.

Please consider supporting my crowdfunding campaign by visiting my fundraising page.

Any amount makes a difference! If you’re unable to donate at this time, I’d appreciate it if you’d share my page on social media or forward this email to people in your network.

Thank you so much!



Sample Social Media Posts

  1. Hi Family and Friends, I’m launching a fundraiser to support Focus: HOPE’s crisis response efforts. Focus: HOPE’s mission is important to me, especially during these challenging times. Please donate and share this post to help me reach my [$XXXX] fundraising goal! Donate here: [LINK]


  1. Hi Friends and Family! I’m only [$XXX] away from my fundraising goal to support Focus: HOPE’s crisis response efforts. Your donation will support individuals and families throughout Southeast Michigan during these challenging times. Please give if you can: [LINK]

Images for Email and Social

Contact Jennifer Presley at (Jennifer.presley@focushope.eduif you’d like more ideas!